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Oct. 11, 2020

Divorce: Funerals for the Death of a Marriage

Divorce: Funerals for the Death of a Marriage

Rocky Road and Untying the Knot

Most couples don't get married expecting to get divorced. But when a marriage is dissolved, can ritual help the couple move on? Rocky Road is a marriage maintenance ritual. Untying the Knot is a funeral ritual for the death of a marriage. 

As heretical as it might sound, I don't believe that all marriages are meant to last. I believe we're meant to learn from those relationships and share what we've learned with others. 

The two rituals in this episode are more complicated than my usual. They're worth the effort. If you're going through a divorce, recognizing the gifts hidden in these rituals may keep your heart from becoming bitter. That's important. Because someday you might want to take the risk again. When that happens, you'll be ready.  

Hear personal stories from three people who went through a painful divorce. One is a bride from the first wedding I officiated.  One is podcast coach Dave Jackson. And one is my own story. In case you're wondering, we're all doing just fine.